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Our weight loss clinic is located in Glenview and serves Chicagoland Area, North Suburban Illinois to Southern Wisconsin

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The people at Results 22 are great—encouraging, knowledgeable, available and supportive. The program works and I am happier with my body, my energy levels, and my life than I’ve been in years. Thank you.

Debra H.

This is a great program and you will see results within the first week. I've tried numerous weight loss programs, nutritionists, etc. but nothing made as much sense to me as Results 22. I'm not done with the weight loss portion yet but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you follow the guidance from the wonderful staff and ask questions you will not be disappointed. Thank you.

Kim H.

Words can’t express my thanks and gratitude to the Results22 team and everyone associated with the Ideal Protein Protocol. After 9 months on IP, I lost 95 pounds (89% fat) and 55 plus inches. I am appreciative and amazed every day, but that’s nothing. What I have gained is far more. I am happy, sleeping much better, have low cholesterol, low blood pressure, more energy, look MUCH better, better mood, size 4 pants, did I say happy?, have more confidence, etc. etc. I really could go on and on, but will tell you that Ed and Coleen Reardon & staff are there to support your journey to a healthy weight. They have fine-tuned the combination of the successful Ideal Protein protocol, nutrition expertise, compassion, processes, and tools to support your journey. And it is your journey, an inside job.

The Ideal Protein diet is also the first diet (in 59 years..) that I’ve never cheated on, gave up on, or made some excuse when giving up. Thanks to Results 22 and Ideal Protein, I knew everything was in place to support my success.

Thanks again and best to all.

Bev G.

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